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Technical Reports

The local Source Protection Committee identified and assessed existing and potential  threats to the source water for the municipal drinking water systems in Callander, Mattawa, North Bay, Powassan and South River. The threats were compiled by consultants based on scientific definitions provided by the Ministry of the Environment. 

The technical studies form a part of the North Bay-Mattawa Assessment Report, the second of three documents to be produced by the committee under the Clean Water Act, 2006. Land use planning decisions included in the third document, the Source Protection Plan, were based upon information supplied in the assessment report. Public input and local knowledge were encouraged and welcomed by the committee to ensure the creation of a comprehensive assessment report and consequently, an effective source protection plan. 

The consultants presented their technical study reports to the committee throughout May and June 2009, and February/March 2010. Area residents were invited to attend the meetings, which were held in the respective community. 

The public also had further opportunity to comment on the potential and existing threats during a formal consultation period for the draft assessment report, which occurred throughout late 2010 and through to June 2011.

Following the approval of the Assessment Report and the Source Protection Plan, ongoing research in the Callander-Wasi watershed is being conducted to better understand the issue identifed for the Callander drinking water source.  That research has resulted in additional technical reports.  They are posted here under Callander Bay & Issue Contributing Area.