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Callander Policy Summary
Intake Protection Zone 1 & 2

The Callander Intake Protection Zone (IPZ) 1 and 2 are located in Callander Bay and include areas of urban and rural development. Policies for this area are generally restrictive in nature to prevent the establishment of significant threat activities.

The policies below apply to IPZ-1 and IPZ-2. IPZ 1 and 2 are also part of the Callander Issue Contributing Area (ICA). To view ICA policies click here. 

To View Policies 
When you click on the policy code in the chart below it will open Chapter 2 of the Source Protection (SP) Plan in a new window at the page for the specific policy.

Policy Code Policy Title IPZ
AIR1 Glycol Management Plans 1
PST1 Pesticide Act Approvals to contain certain conditions 1
PST2 Land Use Prohibition – Pesticide Storage 1
PST3 Municipal Pesticide Management Plan 1
PST4 Education about Application of Pesticides 1, 2
SAL1 Land Use Prohibition – Road Salt Storage 1
SEW1 Prescribed Instruments for Prohibition of New Sewage Works and Review of Existing 1, 2
SEW2 Prescribed Instruments for Management of Sewage Works of Certain Types 1
SMF1 Municipal Action to Prohibit Land Application of Nutrients 1, 2
SMF2 Land Use Prohibition – Nutrient Handling & Storage & Livestock Activity 1, 2
SNO1 Land Use Prohibition – Consolidated Snow Storage Facilities 1
SVA1 Signage for Vulnerable Areas 1,2
THS1 Awareness of Vulnerable Areas and Response to Spills of Hazardous Substances 1
WDS1 Prohibition and Management Waste Disposal Sites under Part V of the EPA 1, 2
WDS2 Land Use Prohibition of Waste Disposal Sites 1, 2
WDS3 Education Hazardous Waste and PCBs 1

Source: Table 2.1 on page 16 of the Revised Source Protection Plan

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