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Restore Your Shore 2016 Expanded!
Streambank and shoreline planting now available throughout the
North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority watersheds

Restore Your Shore provides free shoreline assessments, free planting plans, free plants and free planting assistance to eligible shoreline and stream bank property owners within the NBMCA jurisdiction.

Planting plans and plant selections take into account the site conditions and preferences of the property owners including waterfront views and access.   Participating property owners approve the planting plans and agree to maintain the plantings.

In 2015, Restore Your Shore planted stream banks and shorelines on 36 properties in the Callander-Wasi watershed in an effort to reduce erosion and run-off.  A vegetated shoreline helps prevent erosion and run-off,  both of which can add phosphorus - a nutrient that promotes the growth of blue-green algae - from entering the waterways.



Thanks to our funders, NBMCA can now expand the program to the entire NBMCA jurisdiction.  Funding is limited, and qualified properties will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Restore Your Shore team is now booking site visits for shoreline assessments and scheduling plantings for Spring and Fall 2016.

Contact the Restore Your Shore team for more information or to book a site visit.

705 474-5420 or email



Restore Your Shore - 2015 - Shoreline Restoration in Callander-Wasi, Blue-green Algae & Phosphorus

The Callander-Wasi Watershed, which flows through the municipalities of Chisholm Twp, East Ferris, Callander as well as small portions of North Bay and Powassan, has experienced an increase in blue-green algae blooms in recent years.  Human activities can promote the growth of blue-green algae. For instance, agricultural, urban and stormwater runoff, effluent from sewage treatment plants and industry, and leaching from septic systems can elevate the levels of nutrients in water bodies, which can promote algae growth. Reducing or eliminating nutrient inputs from these sources is a proactive way to reduce the occurrence of blue-green algal blooms.  (Learn more about blue-green algae here.)

One way to reduce nutrient inputs is to ensure the shoreline has a "buffer strip" of vegetation to help prevent runoff during rain events and erosion of shoreline soils both of which can carry nutrients such as phosophorus into the waterways.

The Restore Your Shore program was originally developed for the Callander-Wasi subwatershed with the help of a multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee comprised of rural, urban, and agricultural property owners, as well as representatives of local community and environmental groups, government ministries and the five municipalities in the watershed.  Restore Your Shore is part of a longer term initiative to reduce phosphorus loading to the Callander-Wasi watershed and the frequency of blue green algae blooms in Callander Bay, the source of drinking water for the Municipality of Callander.  The North Bay-Mattawa Drinking Water Source Protection Plan (SP Plan) identifies microcystin, a toxin in blue green algae, as an issue posing a threat to Callander's drinking water supply.  The SP Plan includes three policies directed solely at addressing the water quality issue related to phosphorus loading one of which is the development of an education and outreach program throughout the entire watershed and another is ongoing research into the occurance of blue green algae in the watershed.  (Learn more about the SP Plan here.)

2015  Media Release:

Restore Your Shore Kicks Off April 30, 2015!

Shoreline and stream bank property owners in the Callander Bay-Wasi watershed can take part in a free shoreline planting program whose ultimate goal is to help prevent the growth of blue green algae in the watershed.The Callander-Wasi watershed flows through the municipalities of Callander, Chisholm, East Ferris, North Bay and Powassan who are working together, with the help of the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA), to prevent phosphorus from entering the waterways. Civic leaders were on hand for the launch of the Callander-Wasi Restore Your Shore Program at the Callander Bay Beach on April 30, 2015.

From left:  Leo Jobin (Chisholm) Chris Mayne (NBMCA Vice Chair) Dave Britton and Susanne Phillips (Powassan) Al McDonald (North Bay) Bill Vrebosch (East Ferris) Jeff Celentano (Source Protection Committee Chair) and Hec Lavigne (Callander)

From left: Peggy Walsh Craig (Restore Your Shore Project Coordinator), Chris Mayne (NBMCA Vice Chair), Sue Buckle (NBMCA Supervisor of Communication & Outreach)

Restore Your Shore 2016 Expanded!

Streambank and shoreline planting now available

throughout the

North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority watersheds