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May 8, 2017

Free Plants for Shoreline Property Owners

NBMCA offering free plants and planting to shoreline and stream bank properties to help protect water quality

(North Bay, May 8, 2017) Shoreline and stream bank property owners in local watersheds can help protect water quality by taking part in a free shoreline planting program offered by the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA).

Over the last two years more than three km of streambanks and shorelines were planted with 12,500 trees, shrubs and plants through the Restore Your Shore program. More than 70 property owners have participated in the program.

“This year our goal is to engage another 30 property owners in this stewardship program.  We’ll work with people to develop a planting plan that not only helps prevent erosion and runoff but takes into consideration their preferences for aesthetics, access to their shoreline and maintaining their waterfront view,” said Reilly Henderson, NBMCA’s Stewardship Project Coordinator.

Plants along shorelines and streambanks help prevent erosion, enhance fish habitat, and prevent the addition of phosphorus to the waterways. Phosphorus contributes to the growth of cyanobacteria, known as blue-green algae, which produces the toxin microcystin.

“Blue-green algae impacts the water quality for everyone who swims, fishes and draws their drinking water from the lakes and streams in this watershed.  It also affects the habitat for fish and wildlife,” she added.

One way that phosphorus makes its way into the waterways is through soil erosion. Natural shoreline vegetation is an effective and inexpensive way to control erosion.

Landowners who take part in the program are provided with free trees, shrubs and plants and will be asked for a commitment to maintain the plantings for five years.  There is also assistance available to do the planting.

Interested shoreline and streambank property owners can contact Reilly Henderson at 705 474-5420 or email or visit

The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority was founded in 1972 by the Province of Ontario and its 10 member municipalities. A non-profit organization, the NBMCA works closely with the public to balance human needs with environmental needs throughout the region’s watershed. The NBMCA is one of 36 Conservation Authorities who are members of Conservation Ontario.

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